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Pornstar Vive Cassie

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bangbros pornstar Vive Cassie BangBros Vive Cassie Vive has such a college student appeal about her, that the imagination does not have to stretch too far to envision her going crazy on spring break by joining a wet bikini contest. Vibrant and fun is her personalty, but she is also a vibrant performer, and she is a master tug job artist who has the yank down to a science Einstein would praise, and appreciate. She has a cute and sexy face that houses a pair of seductive lips. Vive has a slender but slightly muscular body, and her ass is firm, because our Vive keeps in good shape. A quick glance at her stomach, and you can see her chiseled feminine abs, with a navel piercing. Although Vive is a newcomer to the industry she performs like she has been in front of the camera for decades.
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