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Zoe Britton

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bangbros pornstar Zoe Britton BangBros Zoe Britton
Zoe Britton was born an Aquarius in Riverside, California of Caucasian ancestry, but she grew up in Lubbock, TX. At 53 118lbs, her measurements are 34D-24-35. In 2004 she entered the industry and sine hen she has amassed over 18 titles masturbation and lesbian only scenes. According to Zoe she was a good kid but she rebelled as a teenager. " I was a good child and enjoyed my dance classes and soccer games. As a teenager, I became rebellious. The first thing I remember doing was dying my natural dark auburn hair black. Cigarettes came next and then I started hanging out with the punk rock crowd. I enjoyed causing a ruckus! I used to drive around Lubbock topless just to see who would notice. I loved going clubbing to get my groove on and going to shows to see live bands. I had a girlfriend, Shayla, through out my late teens. We went to prom together and she was the first person to take me to a strip club. We hung out there for about a year before we actually even thought about dancing ourselves."
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